Nowadays, technology is stirring valleys well beyond Silicon Valley. It is disrupting every nook and corner, not only West but African and Asian continents as well. Not only it connects humans, but animals, soil, atmosphere, and everything. And, it leaves profound impacts on agriculture and dairy production. The robots and machines brought so much advancement in the system. They handle every aspect delicately whether its plants-based production or animal breeding technology is everywhere to help in every aspect.

Digital Dairy Farms and Real-Time Access to Varying Circumstances

Dairy farmers now go digital with immediate access to real-time data to help them sustainably improve their efficiency. Smart dairy farming maximizes production without compromising the health and well-being of their herds. It helps to deal with the billion-dollar effectively loses the dairy sector worldwide following infections and diseases. It also helps to analyze the immediate impact of critical factors such as weather, climate, and nutrition. Moreover, it allows to detect and monitor calving schedules and other situations.

Rapidly Changing Technology Transforms the Entire Production Process.

With the advancement in technology and blockchain, every step of the journey from farm to table is changing. For example, MYbDAIRY brings the dairy farming industry into the 21st century with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It uses monitoring sensors attached with collars, to alert changes in cows and suction pumps for enhanced milk production in terms of quality and quantity. The technology copes with illness to unexpected productivity declines. Prior to that, monitoring herds was a cumbersome task needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with farmers closely monitoring their cow – which often meant cows were confined in tight spaces to manage the flock.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Easier to Predict Production in Smart Dairy Farms

The introduction of blockchain and AI-enabled sensors had made the circumstances favorable for farmers and consumers. It lets everyone involved in the process to know what’s going on in the farm and what conditions need to be controlled. Moreover, how much milk each cow is producing and how healthy it is. And, the idea of combining with cryptocurrency via utility token will add more feasibility to the process in terms of transparency and swiftness in a transaction. MYbDAIRY Smart Farms Pre-IEO phase is in the process, allowing people to grab MYBD utility tokens at discounted rates.

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