If you are in the world of cryptocurrencies for a little time, you may come across the terms, coins, security tokens, utility tokens and a few more. And when we talk about MbDAIRY SMart Farms utility token or MYBD Token, people want to know what is it?

For a general understanding, a utility token is a non-physical token created for crowdfunding purposes. In simpler words, a token holder or buyer let’s allow the fund-raiser or issuer to develop a product that later buyer can use to get a product or service. Just like any other utility token, MYBD token is a cryptocurrency issued by MYbDAIRY Smart Farms, a physical blockchain, and artificial intelligence-based dairy farming project. 

Different sectors are now admiring Blockchain and AI following a lot of advantages they offer. The speed, accuracy, and transparency. For example, blockchain makes the system decentralized and brings transparency to the process. Similarly, blockchain’s most competent use case – cryptocurrencies make financial system and transactions quick and transparent.

 And usage of artificial intelligence in the system enhances speed and accuracy at every step. With their adoption in the cow farming and agriculture industry, it yields high quality and quantity. Same as MYBD smart dairy farms have a capacity to produce high nutrient-rich milk in unbeatable quantities. MYBD tokens will be a primer mode to buy MYBD milk and its related products.

You can buy MYBD Tokens at discounted prices as the pre-IEO phase is open and allowing its investors and average day users to avail 30% off. Secure your future now by making the most of this offer.

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