From early days of human life to till this time, the agriculture and livestock industry has remained a vital industry of the world. During 2014, the agriculture sector stood for one-third of the global GDP, whereas only livestock farming accounts for 40% of the total agriculture output globally.

But, by visiting local farms, we often come across situations where farmers use complex systems and complicated ecosystems for both crops and animals breeding and production. Furthermore, from food production to its transportation, processing, supply to shopping hubs, and delivery to end-user, the entire system is also so messy and unclear.

Everyone likes to ensure the proper hygiene of food and fairness in the supply system. But, the prolonged process that involves different bodies does not allow everyone to track the quality of the food they have on their table. However, the blockchain introduction in agriculture will enable people to trace the origin of food their platter have.

AI and blockchain-enabled smart farming is a compelling case, which lets you know where and how the food produced, parties involved, and supply chain details that are genuinely transparent and immutable. Hence, it offers the world a high-quality diet and also smoothes growing, proper production, and right transportation methods.

MYbDairy Smart Farms is also a footstep to gift the world with substantial growth and food opportunities with the aim of enhanced quality and quantity by introducing improved conditions throughout the process. Operating in South East Asian Continent of the world, looking forward to expand towards Africa and Asia, they apply Artificial Intelligence for enhanced milk and other dairy related products. Subsequently, MYbDairy Smart Farms also implies advanced technology at every stage throughout the food supply funnel.

Bither keeps Dutch Origin stock in a pleasant atmosphere, ensuring their proper rearing with the right grass and best food that neither harms the animal health nor affects human life. It even allows everyone to have swift access to track the quality, offering ultimate credibility. In this way, Bither blockchain enabled Smart Dairy Farms gives a healthy and sustainable future for you and your next generations.

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