Global Industries are embracing artificial intelligence and innovative technologies for enhanced production and operating conditions. It enables farm owners to run their business better, quickly detect the problems, and make informed decisions based on precise information. The AI technology is also thriving in agriculture and dairy farming just as any other field.  So on, the trend of smart dairy farming is also thriving from the US to Australia, Kenya, and other countries.

A little while ago in 2018, American Dairy Farmers made a statement about investing in digital technology supporting the dairy industry for healthy and happy cows. This effort aims to precisely monitor the living circumstances for herds and their nourishment offering significant value.

Why is AI Dairy Farming a Value Added Process?

Data scientists tell that global milk production has increased by more than 60% in the last two and a half decades that would cross the figure of 177 million metric tons by 2025. The fast increasing demand for milk will require farmers not only to increase milk production but also demand efficiency.

Technology is an absolute answer to these problems. It let farmers know the condition of herds, the amount of food and drink they need, better breed to raise, health and mental states, and much more. It will bridge the gap between efficient food production and intelligence, letting farm owners act precisely for maximum revenue.

When infused with blockchain technology as Bither AI Dairy Farms, it goes in to further benefits by involving every person to track the feasibility, operating conditions, and nutrition to know what their glass of milk actually contains and source to it. And, Indeed, early investment in Smart Dairy Farms will generate higher value in the future.

Here are the key reasons to invest in AI Farms.

The Technology of the Future:

The blockchain and Artifical Intelligence may new for you, but it is a future technology that will run the world on unique patterns of efficiency and transparency. Investing in AI blockchain dairy farms means embracing the future prosperity and winning the trust of people by letting your name among the earliest adopters.

Earth Friendliness:

For happy earth, you need healthy cows, or food source, leading to vigorous humans. The AI technology not only blesses your generations with a healthy future but also earth-friendly costing lesser energy providing higher efficiency. Moreover, MYbDAIRY Smart Farms parent Dutch Origin Herds at the most favorable conditions that harm the environment minimally. Cows fed on the best food source, increasing their natural milk production, and offering absolute health.

High RoI:

The blockchain-enabled dairy farms mean winning everyone trust through transparency and immutability. Furthermore, it also optimally reduces shipment and placement costs and sudden loss, not causing your extra on your budget. The consumer and retailer trust in an efficiently produced food will make them pay a competitive price, letting no chance of sunk investment but adding to your revenue.

So, in all, investing in Bither’s MYbDAIRY Smart Farms will prove the smartest solution following the advancement scope it has. Want to know more or have some queries, visit our website or let us know.

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